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, the brits are out there, they are giving it all. that is wonderful that america is led by the brits and the americans and that is not to detract from the courage of these men of the british and the french it's just not natural. the united states is the single most powerful nation in the world and the world follows the united states, conflicts are resolved by us. we are the ones would control everything in the world and, yet, here we are, following the lead, supposedly, of two other nations and i might add, anyone who thinks there are for boots on the ground already, whether they are french or british, possibly americans, is kidding themselves. the rockets have to be guided into the targets by lasers. >>neil: so what do you think is going to happen to muammar qaddafi? if he is responding with anti-aircraft power right now, to try to deal with this, obviously he will not go quietly into the night, so is already escalating? it's father to look at the math and say he doesn't stand a chance but he could drag this out, and then what? >>guest: he could drag this out. and, what next? well,
. amazing. amazing. >> we should call america "america the check writer," because we write the checks for the activities, we pay for the u.n. we pay for nato, we pay over half of the bills of nato paid for by the united states, and, by the way, when you talk about the costs of the missiles and the planes and other equipment being used in libya, do not forget this: if you look at list of the united states we always win the war but lose the peace because the real cost is going to be assuming all that goes well in libya, that rebuilding the country, and, you and i both know who is going do pay the cost of rebuilding libya, if we are successful there. >> karl rove and others have mentioned giving the cost check to the players involved in the region, say, in this case, the arab league, seeing as they have been, despite what i hear to the contrary, say, grudging players in this, is that realistic? >>guest: for other countries to pay? >>neil: that they would pay? >>guest: they will not pay because they know we have unlimited checking account, and, all the nations know that the country that
out of debt, new push for uncle sam. the plan is called america paying forward. how much will it cost? with me is the los angeles mayor. good to have you back. >> good to be on with you. >>> how does this work. >> i wish one of these days i'm going to come to your program in new york but i'm here in d.c.. >> neil: you are close. how does this work? >> how it works, it's a way to get people from off the unemployment rolls where federal government and states pay for benefits and put them back to work. put them in construction jobs, building and repairing our highways, making them safer for all of us to use them. expanding our public transportation system by encouraging localities like the city of los angeles. 80 mayors have signed on to the plan. >> neil: sit public works? >> no. it's private sector. >> neil: to do what? >> putting people to work, that is important. >> neil: where are they going to work? >> all across the country. if we can get the federal government to leverage what cities and counties are doing across the country to put people back to work. it would create an almost m
to the dow in the first three months? caterpillar making money overseas and bringing it back to america and looks like more money. a lot of cash on their balance sheets which also helps. and then this thing. there aren't a whole lot of alternatives out there. what are you going to put your money in the money market and earn 5 0.79%? no. invest in real estate? no. all the money on the sideline they are looking at the landscape and saying stocks, well, that is my best option. >> neil: thank you have very much, chris. the qe 2, quantitative ease. the federal deserve buying up treasury notes and bonds to support the market and the economy and keep the flow, a lot of folks say artificially. all that has been good news for wall street. not necessarily for main street. while stocks are up, so are gas prices. is not new yous to you folks. $3.61 today. up more than 50 cents in the last three months and with no end in sight and the violence up there just escalating in the middle east even higher prices in the cards over here. to phil flynn over at the chicago mercantile exchange. how much higher
to continue living in an america and if a -- in a wisconsin and indiana where the government cannot keep its promises? that is what this debates will be about. people need and deserve the truth about what is happening with our fiscal train here. >>neil: what if the numbers, and we have chatted about this, but enough of the economic publics are getting better, wall street has been performing better, and that could be the wind at the democratics democratic back you don't appreciate and the head winds facing you. >>guest: people are coming to understand we cannot have an economy where our debt equals our entire account. we cannot be creeping toward an america where we spend 42 cents of every dollar getting there, getting close do that, 42 cents to run the federal government. that is not sustainable. we haven times that need to be fully funded and we are not in any position under the current direction under president obama to be able to fulfill our promises to medicare and social security. so the debates we are having in wisconsin, indiana, new jersey, and now in washington, dc, whether it is th
and the biggest business in the world, the government of the united states of america, can only plan to spend two weeks in advance? they are reprehensible. >>neil: what is this about? i think there are some republicans who worried it could boomerang on them and they do not want a 1995 situation where the government shut down was deemed horrific for republicans and they are getting federal vows. >>judge napolitano: you did not have the anti-government sentiment in 1995 or the tea party, and you did not have the debt at $14 trillion in 1995. you had a very, very shrewd president would knew how to take the speaker of the house of representatives and make him look like the opposite of what he was. i don't know that president obama can deflect the blame for this government shut down. >>neil: but if you have a government shut down and a lot of important things continue, social security checks go out, you still have the military funded, a lot of the payments on our debt, no default issues but, but, annoying things happen. parks are closed. passport issuance is delayed or stopped, so the annoyances build
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network in america. >>neil: and japanese disaster is not just a japanese problem, a lack of parts is halting production at the g.m. plants if louisiana and some other lines in america are shut down for the same reason. in dallas-ft. worth they have their own scare. reports that passengers on a flight from tokyo set off radiation detectors today at two flights into chicago o'hare also testing positive. officials are looking into it. and former inspector jennifer -- inspector general for the department is there. it doesn't take much to set off the alarms. >>guest: the alarms in place are picking up clearly radiation from japan and people have forgotten we have had the radiation scares before. for example, at newark airport in january the radiation behind the ticket count others was set off by computer equipment. so what obviously the officials have to do is determine what risk it poses on the poor passengers who may not be aware they are contaminated but if it poses a threat to other passengers and people going about their business from leg acknowledge -- luggage or whatever. >>neil
of the united states. justices hearing arguments on a sex discrimination case that could make america's biggest private employer a defendant in the biggest class action lawsuit with billions at stake and with me now to explain what this means for business and the country, and to the recovery, the judge, andrew napolitano. >>judge napolitano: this would be enormous, six former employees of wal-mart sued wal-mart on behalf of every female that has ever worked there or is working there now, claiming they all suffered some form of discrimination and they persuaded a judge in northern california to allow six to sue on behalf of 1.5 million which is called a half action. only the six from to prove the case and? they do, and the supreme court does not interfere did 1.5 million will get a recovery. >>neil: what? they do not have an issue? >>judge napolitano: it is just a class action, allowing a square representative to sue on behalf of a class that is too large and too come better some. >>neil: do they have to, you have to deal you were part of that clacks action? >>judge napolitano: yes you have to e
an interview with u.s. news outlet or a japanese news outlet to talk about america's response to the crisis there. >>neil: well put. thank you, appearances count for a lot. and toyota knows it discovering and toyota knows it discovering a crisis biller -- a crisis. as low as 4.75% at, where customers save an average of $293 a month. callending tree at... today. . there are a lot of questions out there about retirement. let fidelity help you find the answers. our investment professionals work with you to help you make the most of your retirement and enjoy the life you've saved for. fidelity investments. where leading companies and millions of people go to get the real answers they need. call today. >>neil: we have word from capitol hill they are looking at another temporary extension to keep the government limping along because of conditions from conservative members including rubio who would vote against it, and mcconnell thinks it will pass and that means the government limps along for another few weeks probably taking us to, i kid you not, april fool's day for a potential
in the price of crude equals to a $40 billion withdrawal of funds from the u.s. economy. that's just america's stats of the take that around the world and see how bad it is to have crude go higher. this is a serious problem. we need to stop crude from going higher and certainly pulling the speculators from the market is a way to slow down the price movement because if you do not have reason to take delivery, you would not just be buying for a pure speculator to make money. >>neil: but you physically have to have the oil. interesting. thank you very much. >>guest: thank you for having me. >>neil: coalition forces flying 175 anythings over libya but they will not get him from the united arab emirates refusing to join blaming the decision on "u.s. policies toward bahrain," which is facing its own revolt. and our guest says if they will not get involved, why are we? the former head of the c.i.a. osama bin laden unit, and i don't buy their reason. how bahrain is an excuse, that strikes me as them getting cold feet on looking like they are participating in an arab crackdown. >>guest: i think it is
phone strong enough to run on the fastest, most advanced 4g network in america. >>neil: in belgium, the chocolate is lot and the rage is hotter. the european union leaders say they have 20,000 protesters strong, enough with austerity son sense and enough with the cuts and which is a day after portugal's parliament rejected the tough measures the prime minister said were necessary to get back on track. now he is gone. and the e.u. parliament member is here. daniel i understand we almost lost you. >>guest: that is normal from brussels. >>neil: this was big, 20,000 strong. who are these people? >>guest: well, if you ever try and make any cuts people get very possessive. and the argument now, portugal will need a bail out of, maybe $70 billion or maybe $100 billion and the argument is they are our friends, and, by the way, the portugese are our friends the only people we have enough had a war with but you do not help an indebted friend by pressing more loans on them. >>neil: you think the austerity measures that were forced on portugal were simply too much and it was no surprise the pa
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is up 126 points, 1 percent of the day, part of it is oil prices down and bank of america prices are good. and now neil cavuto. >>neil: oil is barely down as opec ramps up and muammar qaddafi digs in with four new airstrikes today on a key oil port under rebel control. oil could be taking a breather, gas, not. still punched -- pumped uprising for a 14th straight day. even if opec pumps more it is not enough. we need to drill more. and fast. two hearings are planned to get the white house to give in. and fast. republican congressman clears the committee holding the hearings. good to have you. who will you get at the hearing? >> that is to be determined. it will be people obviously that have knowledge of the resources we have here if -- in our country. energy jobs are good-paying jobs. and with the unrest in the middle east it seems from a security standpoint we should use our resources we know we have and that is what we will probe with our hearings. >>neil: but is the problem that even if we were to open up and allow drilling in the protected areas immediately, the permit process
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not by the president or anyone else talking about what they have done but go in the streets of america and ask people, are you living better today than a year ago? do you think you are living better than your parents? do you thing your kids will be livering better than you? are putting machine -- money aside? if people do not have jobs, whatever the unemployment figure is, if they are underemployed or unemployed, they are not going to be happy catchers. >>neil: governor, thank you very much. in the meantime the economy is growing, and the head of the fdic is here and state workers in wisconsin bracing for layoffs at 14 democratic senators refuse to return. the guy pushing to get them back the guy pushing to get them back is next. kate: well, i'm shopping for my first car. gecko: nice! i do hope you'll choose geico and save a good bit of cash... curtis: what color is the car? i bet you'd look great in a blue car. kate: no...actually, i'm torn between a fuel-injected inline-6 and a higher torque turbo diesel. gecko: that's quite a quandary! umm, i mean of course you could save either way. c
people all across america who don't realize that the grown ups are supposed to be running this country and are leading them to be worse off than before for the first generation of americans ever. >>neil: senator, i want your reaction to something that chuck schumer said that sort of played into the notion that maybe democrats are trying to force you guys, republicans, into a corner. listen to this and react. >> i use the word extreme and that is what the caucus instructed know do, extreme cuts and the riders, and boehner is in a box and? he supports the tea party there will be shut down. >>neil: what he is saying john boehner, the speaker is in a box because on one side he has tea party urging aggress ever -- aggressive cuts and you are saying if the government has to shut down, so be it. >>guest: i don't want the government do shut down. if it does, it will be because when the democrats had the house, the senate and the white house, just a few months ago they did not pass a budget. we are talking about the 2011 budget because they did not pass it. as i speak right now, senate democrat
been able to supply cornwallace and washington would have had to surrender. america needs to be in a position to act constructively in circumstances to support the kind of positions, the noble positions in regard to human dignity and freedom that the united states stands for. >>neil: what is interesting in the request we are getting from japan unlike haiti which is cash strapped they are look for expertise in excavation and looking for victims and potential survivors and our ex--- excavating equipment and the like. what do you make of that, it is a different type of request we are getting, say, from other disaster situations? >>guest: well, obviously, japan is an advanced industrial economy with a technological base of its own and it can capitalize on aid we can give if a technology sense and it is capable of providing some of the other things that other countries might ask for in terms of assistance on its own. so, a disaster when it strikes an industrialized nation will occasion a different set of requests than u would have in a setting where you had disaster strike unde
, that we are taking a principle position. it's the right position for america and the world to take. we're against slaughter by qaddafi of his own people, and we're for the people who are fighting for freedom if libya and more broadly in the arab world. >>neil: does that extend, then, to bahrain or syria or yemen? >>guest: well, it could. my own hope is that the strong position that the world community has taken in libya sends a very clear message to other autocratic or totalitarian regimes in the middle east if your response to your people's uprising is to slaughter them, you run the risk that the world community will come in and do to you and your country what we are now doing qaddafi and libya and particularly relevant in syria because we remember his father killed 20,000 of his own people in a single city a couple of decades ago who began to rise up against him. >>neil: but the son is still there. and the ruleers in bahrain may or may not go. if they are intimidated they have a continue any way to show it. >>guest: i would say what we are doing in libya, i think it is sending a mess
's all unfortunate. this is america. if the business owner wants to support a particular candidate, i think that is part of our american political process. it's unfortunate it's come to this extent. >> neil: be safe, senator. thank you very much. >> we have another fox news alert, other developments today, earthquake that is pretty devastating, now japan could have a nuclear disaster potentially looming. authorities are deliberately releasing radioactive vapor to ease pressure on a nuclear reactor's cooling system that is failing and whom power has been out for the better part of 18 hours. how big of a threat is this? michael brown joins me. michael, what do you think? >> i'm not sure that concerned yet. first and foremost, we have studies done at indian point power plant, not far from where you are right now, neil. they have eight fool wall in the containment room. so absent any damage to the containment room, the fact that the cooling is off, those containment rooms will keep the radiation inside the facility itself. if we have problems with the structural integrity of the plant, it
are america's heroes because i was raised to think of politicians as heroes. but they are not. and the green movement, the press treats them like heroes, and more. >>neil: thank you, john stossel, on fox business network. a year ago today, she said pass the health care bill so we can see what is in it and now an entire state is getting an exemption. what can you do with plain white rice? when you pour chunky sirloin burger soup over it, you can do dinner. 4 minutes, around 4 bucks. campbell's chunky. it's amazing what soup can do.™ but you can still refinance to a fixed rate as low as 4.75% at plus, get the best deal or we'll pay you $1,000. call lending tree at... today. >>neil: time flies. a year ago today, remember this? we have to sign the bill so you can find out what is in it. >> fancy this, now we know what is in it and the state of maine is getting an exemption and more than 1,000 other groups. is the health care law unare developing with so many cities, and unions, opting out. this began with mcdonald's saying we provide a lot of health care benefits to hourly wor
.e.o. if america who could not make that cut today. we have to get serious. and we have to look at the whole budget and look at medicare, medicaid, social security, the tax expenditures, defense budget, and the domestic defense budget. >>neil: don't look like they are. are you worried? >>guest: they use the word "cut," but the sinful nature is cutting social security, we are not cutting social security we are trying to make the stuff solvents for 75 years and young people say i know there won't be anything for me but when you get to the window at 65 and you put 6.2 percent of all your jack in there you will want something back. it is really, really --. >>neil: older people do not like you with the analogies you use. >>guest: i used the one about the bovine members of the ... >>neil: they say you are trying to break their backs to break the numbers. >>guest: that is a fakery. if they care at all about their children or grandchild, and sometime i doubt that, i think grandchild now don't write a thank you for the christmas presents and they are wall on their pants with cap on backward and listening to
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